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Mobile Marketing and Advertising Taking Over The World!

Mobile in Vietnam: Although mobile marketing initially appeared in Vietnam in 2006, days gone by a couple of years have witnessed widespread growth and penetration rates like no person would have imagined in 2006. Research through the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT, Adsl FPT, adsl viettel) reveals that Vietnam is where you can greater than 30 million cell phone owners. Mobile consumers have got a liking to many people on the newest mobile marketing techniques. VNPT reports widespread acceptance of mobile marketing campaigns that enable users to get connected to a common game shows. Additionally, many Vietnamese banks have instituted mobile banking systems, which permit users to check their accounts via their cellular phone and also settle payments through texting capabilities.Room For Improvement:Although there’s no-one to deny the achievements of mobile media in Vietnam, you can find still room for improvement. VNPT found that “many Vietnamese mobile customers ‘misunderstand that advertising on mobile phones is sending spam messages.'” Once mobile marketers can bypass this misunderstanding, the acceptance and use of cellular devices will obviously increase a lot more.Mobile Media Is actually a Global Phenomenon:VNPT‘s research proves that mobile media is actually a global phenomenon. There are actually almost no regions internationally aren’t affected by the alterations and developments from the mobile environment. Because of this, mobile marketers have an enormous audience to transmit their messages to including a large number of people happy to listen. We always preach the effects that brands will have if they don’t jump on board now. Imagine getting involved with Socail Media ahead of Boom of Facebook. The ball is due to your court. Do you go searching for the Slam Dunk or simply please take a missed free throw?

Vietnamese Telecom Market To Open In 2012

Vietnam has announced it will fully open its telecom target overseas investment following international practices and obligation in the World Trade Organization by 2012.

The draft bill for that new telecom law is predicted to become submitted with that month. Local telecom companies have until 2012 to keep 51 percent ownership with foreign partners.

The mostly state-owned companies are suffering from faster in the presence of foreign manufacturers like SK Telecom, Hutchison and Vimpelcom.

Improvements made to the country’s telecom infrastructure has also attracted bidding from top manufacturers like IBM, Cisco, AT-T, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola as well as Chinese equipment suppliers like Huawei and ZTE.

The Vietnamese telecom marketplace is huge with numerous room for growth. Currently, there are 89.5 million mobile subscribers which includes a ratio of 105 phones per 100 people.

Last year, the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (Adsl vnpt) posted the best earnings at VND45.29 trillion then viettel, megavnn, adsl fpt with VND33 trillion then EVN Telecom with VND3.7 trillion.

It had been only this season, the fact that government allowed 3G technology to be which is available from four telcos. Included in this are viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone as well as a three way partnership of EVN Telecom and Hanoi Telecom.

Vnpt Adsl HCM đạt 300.000 thuê bao MegaVNN

Ngày 5/1/2010, tại TP.HCM, VNPT TP.HCM tổ chức chào mừng sự kiện thuê bao Internet MegaVNN thứ 300.000.


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