Letter Of Relationship and Establishment of aid

Good day,
Warm greetings to you and your family in the name of God. I
am aware that this is not a formal approach in starting a
relationship, but as
time goes on, you will realise the need for my approach.

I am quite aware that my message will come to you as a
surprise because it is indeed very strange for someone you
have not met before to contact you in this regard. My email
to you will come as a surprise since i don’t know you in
person. But if this message comes to you out of your wish,
i am very sorry. I hope that you will read through this
email and understand how difficult things can be for
someone in a particular period in life. I introduce my self
to you with all faith in the name of God, trust and hope
you will understand to assist us not to betray us at the

Please when reply back let me know the area you will like
us to invest this money in question because i dont know any
in business thing in world.I need Your professional advise
please and you own area of

I will tell you the amount involved involved and more
details when i hear from you. I will also like to know you
more,and i want you to permit me to solicit for your
assistance to invest in your Country. I have been searching
for a addvanced/developing country with economic and
political stability to invest in. I wish you will be of a
great assistance to me considering your position and
statues in Work/Business, Please note, I will also like to
invest part of this money in the house of God because am a
chritian. However, I will keep further detail personal till
when I read from you. I wish my dream to invest in your
Country will be a successful one.

l am honourable seeking your assistance in the following
ways. (1) To serve as my guardian in your country while I
will depend on your
expert advise. (2) To make arrangement for me to come over
to your country for the investment and to secure a
residential permit for me
in your country.

Please if you are not interested delete this email.
Please i will need following informations about you if you
are willing
to help me regarding this project and not just to reply me
because this is real and genuine transaction.
1.Full names,
4.Direct phone number,
5.Current residential address.
6.Marital Status
You can indicate your option towards assisting me as l
believed that this project would be concluded within seven
days you signify interest
to assist me by standing by me as my foreign trustee /
Hoping to hear from you soon. May God bless you as you as
you extend
your helping hand to an orphan.
Best wishes
Jakama. And Sister


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